Martial Archetype Gunslinger Edited

Firearm Proficiency
You gain proficiency in firearms, allowing you to add your proficiency bonus to attack made with firearms.

You gain proficiency with Tinker's Tools. You may use them to craft ammunition, repair damaged firearms, or even draft and create new ones (at DM's discretion). 


Due to the nature of your weapons, your weapons gain power in the form of souls. You start with Soul Points equaling your Wisdom modifier. You can spend Soul Points to do certain 'shot attacks' with your firearms. 
You regain Soul Points one of three ways:

  • You score a critical hit with a firearm attack
  • You land the killing blow on an enemy deemed to have a soul (DM's discretion)
  • You take a short or long rest (regaining all you spent Soul Points in the process)

Deadeye Shot

You can spend one soul point to gain advantage on the next attack roll you make with a firearm this round.


When you reach 7th level, you add your proficiency bonus to your initiative. You can now stow and then draw another firearm as a single object interaction on your turn.

Violent Shot
You can spend 1 or more Soul points to up your hit dice by the number of points spent. For each hit dice you spend you get a -1 to the attack roll.

Trick Shot
At 10th level, you can spend one soul point to target a certain part of the body. If the part can't be seen or the target does not have the part, it does normal damage and has no effect attached. The DC for this is 8+Proficiency Bonus+Dexterity Modifier. Normal damage is dealt with an additional effect

  • Head – The target must make a Con saving throw or suffer disadvantage on attacks until the end of their next turn. A double hit with dual wielding means that instead of disadvantage, they are knocked unconscious.
  • Arms – The target must make a Str Saving throw or drop any item(s) held in that arm.
  • Torso – On a hit, the target is pushed 10ft directly away from you. A double hit with dual wielding knocks them unconscious.
  • Legs/Wings – The target must make a Str saving throw or be knocked prone.

Piercing Shot
At 15th level, when you make an attack, you can spend one soul point to have the shot pass through the target and you make an attack roll against every creature directly behind the target within range.

Vicious Intent
At 18th level, you score a critical hit on a roll of 19-20.

Martial Archetype Gunslinger Edited

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