Ranger Archetype Wild Trotter Edited

Feywild Tracker
Once per rest, you can change your favoured terrain, as long as you are in the feywild.

Trick Breaker
You automatically succeed on all checks when dealing with a fey's illusions. You also gain advantage on all Charisma checks when dealing with fey. Additionally, when an ally falls prey to an illusion, you can use your reaction to break the effect of the illusion for up to as many times as your Wisdom modifier per long rest.

Trotter's Methods
At level 7, when in the feywild you can take the dodge or hide actions as a bonus action. Additionally you do not provoke attacks of opportunity in this plane.

Fey Surge
At level 11, whenever you fail to hit with a spell, you can roll on either the wild magic table or the mushroom table (effect happens to the target in the case of the latter).

Trotter's Secrets
At 15th level, environmental obstacles no longer have effect on your or the party as long as you are in the feywild. You also gain the spells compulsion, phantasmal killer and polymorph on top of your spells known. 

Ranger Archetype Wild Trotter Edited

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